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The Power of Collaborative Leadership:
Lessons for the Learning Organization

Table of Contents

Foreword by Peter Senge

Introduction: Talking Revolution

Part 1: The Vision

Chapter 1. The Premise and the Promise
• A Learning Organization: A Practitioner's Vision
• The Five Disciplines of Organizational Learning
• Awakening
• The Well-Traveled Road
• Is There a Different Path?

Chapter 2. The Dilemma
• Three Additional Arguments
• Current Reality
• The Problem of Measurement
• The Crossroads

Part 2: The Journey

Chapter 3. The Compass
• Action Science as a Framework for Interpretation
• Breaking Free of Model I
• The Deep Organizational Learning Vision: Implications for Leaders

Chapter 4. The Pragmatist's Path: Bert's Journey
• Backdrop: The Squeeze
• A Vision of How It Could Be
• The Journey Resume
• The Second Project: A Major Success
• In Search of a Strategy: The Challenge of Diffusion
• The Third Project: A Failed Collaboration
• The Fourth Project: A Moment of Truth

Chapter 5. Debriefing Bert's Story
• The Organization's Learning System
• Values as a Source of Vision
• Strategy: Identifying the Wellsprings of Transformation
• Learning and Limitations
• Learning and Leadership
• Learning from Bert's Story

Chapter 6. A Visionary Voyage: Iva's Learning Journey
• Background
• The Turn-around Strategy
• Looking to the Future
• Turning Inward
• Organizational Learning: A Radical New Commitment

Chapter 7. Debriefing Iva's Story
• The Organizational Context
• Awakening Aspiration
• A Limited Theory of Change
• Dealing with Resistance
• Engaging the Larger System
• Personal Transformation and Organizational Change: A Crucial Link
• Building a Bridge Between Two Systems

Chapter 8. The Double Loop: What Have We Learned?
• The Road Divides
• Key Similarities and Differences

Part 3: Leadership

Chapter 9. Leadership: An Inquiry
• First Learning: Organizational Learning Leaders Are Pragmatic Visionaries
• Second Learning: The Centrality of Values
• Third Learning: Organizational Learning Leaders Are Master Strategists and Tacticians
• Fourth Learning: The Essence of Organizational Learning Leadership Is the Skillful Devolution of Power
• Fifth Learning: Organizational Learning Leaders Are Stewards of Learning
• Sixth Learning: Organizational Learning Leaders Are Learners Themselves
• Seventh Learning: No Single Path

Chapter 10. Reflections on Leadership
• Learning Leadership: A Debate
• Keeping Your Balance on the Walk Between Worlds
• Leadership, Reflection, and Action
• Failure: The Leader's Learning Edge


Part 4: Mapping

Chapter 11. The Adaptable Map
• Phase 1: Inviting a Learning Journey
• Timing: A Question of Readiness
• Portals for Learning
• Is the Leader Ready?
• Designing the Adaptable Map
• Phase 2: Mapping a Learning Journey
• Phase 3: Beginning the Journey
• Phase 4: On the Journey
• Phase 5: Journey's Landmarks

Chapter 12. A Call to Action